Berekfürdő is a tranquil holiday village, with about 1000 inhabitants. It's a quiet place, but has a good infrastructure. Within the spa there are 6 open-air pools (a swimming-pool as well) and 2 pools indoors with a sauna.
The spa water comes from a depth of more than 1000 meters at a temperature of 56°C degrees and is cooled down for the pools.
If you wish, you can also have several kinds of medical treatment here. In the summer the swimming - pool offers refreshment.
Berekfürdő is also a paradise for fishermen. Two large and well-maintained lakes wait for those who like silence and fishing.
The inner lake can be used all the year round.

The Hortobágy National Park borders Berekfürdő and you have the opportunity to study its fauna and flora and salt-effected soil.

Berekfürdő and its surroundings are also suitable for birdwatching; you can see deer and pheasant as well. Our village is very proud of its glass-works producing the unique veil-glasses. You can visit the manufacturing process with a guide.

Just 12 kms further Karcag, the capital of Great Cumania, has a lot of interesting sights.
In 1-1 1/2 hour's drive you can reach such famous historical towns as Eger and Debrecen.